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A JavaScript game programming example. This is a semi-functional proof of concept using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It was written in 2002 during some time-off to show some game programming techniques to my son. (And, I thought it would be fun to see if HTML and a browser could be made to behave like a real-time video game. Remember when web pages were static? Wow, am I that old?)

To play:

1, press Alt-S (or in FF, Alt-Shift-S) to "Start".

2, press I to go up, J to go left, K to go down, L to go right.

3, eat all the dots

4, ...er, ask me to implement the rest of the game.


Code isn't complete. As-is, this doesn't provide any bad guy AI beyond circling in the pen (curiously it makes the game somewhat easier to win). Also, only the first level is "playable". Once you've picked up all of the dots, that's it. The level functions haven't been written yet (just reload the page if you want to try it again). There are other bits of trim that need to be tightened up... and the source code was patched to remove document.all in favor of document.getElementById (once it became available ;-). If you are learning coding, the data modeling in spackman.js is probably worth looking at. The rest of the code needs a refactor, this is the product of coding on-the-fly which gets messy quickly.

The name was inspired by a friend, and demonstrates my strange propensity to incorrectly match up things and stuff for purposes of labeling, ...I should get out more.